The glaring problem with Kentucky’s car insurance program
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The glaring problem with Kentucky’s car insurance program

| Jun 7, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

Car crashes can be financially devastating. They can leave you with thousands of dollars in vehicle repair bills or even in need of a new car. Some crashes leave people with injuries that mean medical expenses and possibly even lost wages.

Most drivers in Kentucky assume that insurance will take care of them if they get into a collision that totals their vehicle or sends them to the hospital. Sadly, some people hurt in crashes in Kentucky will discover that the system doesn’t protect them as well as they might hope.

Liability insurance takes coverage out of your control

Like many states, Kentucky has a liability-based insurance system. On the surface, such an approach makes sense. You purchase a policy that protects you from financial losses if you hurt someone else or cause major property damage.

If you aren’t the one who causes the crash, your insurance won’t pay, so your rates don’t go up. This liability system does protect drivers from losses related to a crash that they cause, but it also means that those hurt by someone in a crash must depend on the coverage that driver has on their vehicle. The other driver may not have nearly enough coverage on their policy to protect you from the costs of the crash.

The other driver may not have enough coverage to reimburse you

Kentucky does require more insurance than some other states, but the minimum policy coverage amounts are still relatively low. The other driver might only have $25,000 worth of property damage coverage. The newer or more expensive your vehicle is, the more likely that coverage is to fall woefully short of your actual expenses.

Medical coverage isn’t any better. The other driver might only have $25,000 worth of medical coverage for a crash that leaves one person hurt or $50,000 of coverage for collision with injuries to two or more people. Although you can negotiate for the maximum amount of coverage in an insurance claim, the company will only pay as much as the policy allows.

Some people find that they either need to make a claim against their own policy if they have uninsured driver coverage or legal action against the driver who didn’t buy a big enough policy. Looking into the coverage available to you can help you make more informed decisions after a serious car crash.