Divorce mediation can save time and money
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Divorce mediation can save time and money

| Jun 10, 2021 | Divorce

Going through a divorce could be a traumatic experience, especially when it involves courtrooms and judges. Many divorcing couples in Kentucky seek alternative options that could cause less trauma and save money and time. One option is reaching agreements through divorce mediation.

Time and money saving

The costs that add up in a divorce include preparation for the trial, pretrial statements, exhibits, and preparation of the client and potential witnesses. In contrast, mediation is typically less intensive and requires significantly less work. Furthermore, compared to the length of time a trial takes, mediation could bring quick resolution. The time involved in mediation will depend on the number of issues to resolve, like child custody, visitation, alimony, asset division and more.

Retain control and reduce stress

Choosing divorce mediation also allows couples to make crucial decisions instead of letting a judge do it for them. Although judges typically prioritize the children’s best interests, they are strangers and might miss important issues. During mediation, parties could reach agreements. If they cannot agree about specific matters, only those could be taken to court for a judge to decide, limiting the expenses of a full trial.

Relationships could be preserved

Going through a trial typically ruins any relationship between parents, exacerbating the trauma of children. However, the mediation process aims to keep the process amicable. When there are children involved, parents will remain involved in matters related to the children.

These could include parenting time, schooling and extracurricular activities while children are young and graduations and weddings in the long term. In years to come, they might even share grandchildren.

Couples in Kentucky who are considering divorce might have questions about the divorce mediation process. It is always a good idea to get those answers and thereby have the opportunity to make crucial decisions in matters that will affect the futures of all involved.