Motorcycle enthusiasts will soon be out risking their lives
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Motorcycle enthusiasts will soon be out risking their lives

| Apr 14, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the seasons change, motorcyclists in Kentucky will head out onto the roads to enjoy their favorite pastime. However, there is no getting away from the fact that bikers are the most vulnerable road users across the country. Reportedly, more than half of motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles occur in intersections, and mostly because vehicle drivers did not see bikers. 

Most common motorcycle accident injuries 

Safety statistics show that eight in 10 motorcycle accidents leave riders with injuries, and too often, those injuries are debilitating or fatal. 

Road rash 

In most motorcycle accidents, riders are thrown from their bikes, and they typically slide across the pavement. Even with protective clothing, road rash could occur. The damage is hardly ever limited to superficial scrapes or bruises. The force of them scraping the pavement usually peels away multiple skin layers. In severe cases, the road rash could cause the muscles to be exposed. 

Leg injuries 

The nature of motorcycle accidents makes lower extremity injuries common. Damage could involve feet, ankles, calves and knees. Although leg injuries are not always severe or fatal, the lack of proper treatment could lead to permanent or long-term disabilities. 

Arm injuries 

Arm injuries are so common that there is a condition called Biker’s Arm. Without the protection of seat belts and air bags, bikers are typically thrown over their bikes’ handlebars. The natural instinct to protect the body makes riders cradle themselves, leaving the arms to take most of the fall’s force. In severe cases, nerve and bone damage in the upper body, arms, wrists and hands could be permanent. 

Head and neck injuries 

Although helmets provide some level of protection, they cannot prevent the brain’s movement upon the impact of a crash. Therefore, concussions are the most common motorcycle injuries, with skull fractures not as prevalent when riders wore helmets. 

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Kentucky might have grounds to pursue damage recovery. If the crash resulted from another party’s negligence, a personal injury lawsuit could provide financial relief to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other damage.