2 lives lost in 2 preventable car accidents in Kentucky
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2 lives lost in 2 preventable car accidents in Kentucky

| Feb 8, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

Thousands of people die in preventable car accidents in Kentucky and across the country each year. Too often, fatal accidents are blamed on slick roads or other weather-related causes. What drivers forget is to slow down and take extra care when roads are wet or covered with black ice or snow. Adjusting driving style to prevailing conditions could save lives.

First fatal accident

An investigation was launched into an accident that occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. on a recent Monday. According to the preliminary accident report, a 50-year-old pickup truck driver failed to maintain control of his vehicle when he encountered slick road conditions. He crossed into the lanes of oncoming traffic and struck an SUV of a 61-year-old driver.

Police say the pickup truck driver was not wearing his seat belt, and he suffered fatal injuries. The SUV driver was buckled up and transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries.

Second fatal accident

Several hours later, at about 1 a.m. the following morning, a 21-year-old driver of a pickup truck also lost control on a slick road. A Kentucky State Police report indicates that the pickup truck crossed the median and landed in the opposite lanes after rolling over. A 47-year-old’s vehicle struck the pickup truck.

At that time, a passenger of the rolled-over pickup truck managed to escape the wreck. Sadly, he suffered fatal injuries when an oncoming tractor-trailer failed to stop in time and struck the 20-year-old.

When multiple vehicles are involved in car accidents, determining responsible drivers could be challenging. Both these cases might land in a Kentucky civil court. In the first accident, the injured driver will likely have grounds to claim damage recovery from the deceased pickup driver’s estate. In the second accident, the surviving family members of the 20-year-old passenger will likely be entitled to pursue financial relief by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the drivers of the pickup truck driver and/or the tractor-trailer.