Suspected drunk driver causes death of 2 women in Kentucky
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Suspected drunk driver causes death of 2 women in Kentucky

| Jan 12, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

Drivers can increase their chances of arriving safely at their destinations by practicing defensive driving. It helps drivers to identify negligent vehicle operators. However, crossing the paths of such drivers after dark continues to claim vehicle accident victims’ lives. One such accident in Kentucky turned out to be fatal.

According to a preliminary accident report of the Kentucky State Police, the crash occurred shortly before 6:30 p.m. on a recent Monday Reportedly, a 56-year-old woman and a 59-year-old passenger were northbound on U.S. 27 in a pickup truck. A 39-year-old man in another pickup truck traveling west on Ky. 70 crossed U.S. 27, putting his vehicle directly in the path of the two women.

Police said it was clear that the woman tried to avoid the collision but was not successful. The subsequent crash caused the deaths of both women. A family member set up a gofundme account, explaining that the victims were his mother and aunt. Law enforcement authorities reportedly found several empty beer cans in the male driver’s vehicle. He had a child in the car who was apparently not properly restrained in the vehicle.

That driver was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving and endangering the child’s life. It certainly appears that the surviving family members of the deceased women have grounds to file wrongful death lawsuits. If the DUI charges against the other driver result in a conviction, that would likely constitute negligence per se in a related claim for monetary damages in a Kentucky civil court.