Crash-related brain injuries affect victims and their families
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Crash-related brain injuries affect victims and their families

| Jan 25, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

Collisions and crashes nationwide, including Kentucky, leave many victims with life-altering injuries. When car accidents cause brain injuries, the victims and their families typically have to make adjustments to what used to be normal. While TBI victims focus on undergoing therapy and recovering, their loved ones need to understand that some changes will be permanent.

Therapy could teach new skills to those who cannot recover enough to return to a previous occupation. Household responsibilities might have to be taken over by family members. The severity of the brain trauma will determine the level of recovery to expect. Spouses or partners might have to take over the victim’s tasks and chores immediately after the accident, along with their own existing responsibilities.

It puts an additional burden on the family member. They might have to give up certain things they enjoyed doing before to take over the TBI victim’s responsibilities. These changes could be substantial.

In many families, one person makes most of the critical decisions, and it is also not uncommon for one to handle all financial matters. If any such responsibilities were those of the brain injury victim, the partner or spouse might be required to take over tasks they feel unqualified to do. The shift in duties might even put more responsibilities on children to fill the voids left by a parent’s incapacitation.

If the car accident that caused the brain injuries resulted from another party’s negligence, the victim may pursue financial relief through the Kentucky civil justice system. Documented losses prepared for adjudication by the court could include all current and future economic and emotional damages.