The main thing that makes people become safer drivers
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The main thing that makes people become safer drivers

| Dec 2, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents

You may have heard that the death toll on America’s roads is generally between 35,000 and 40,000 people every single year. A statistic like this makes you think that one of the best ways to save lives is simply for people to become better drivers. Cars themselves aren’t the problem. Human error causes most accidents. What can we do to eliminate that and help reduce crash totals?

The role of experience

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that a primary factor in teen car accidents is inexperience. They do put some of the blame on immaturity, but the focus on inexperience really helps to define the problem.

Consider anything else that people do with little experience. Painting a picture. Playing an instrument. Running a mile. In all of those areas, someone without experience is going to do far worse and make more mistakes than someone with experience.

This goes for driving, as well. A teen who is on the road for the first time is clearly at a disadvantage when compared to a 45-year-old who has been driving for nearly four decades. Even after a week or a month or a year, that teen will have more experience and hopefully make fewer mistakes, but they’re still going to be a bit less secure than the older driver.

The problem here is that a teen’s inexperience does not just put them in danger. That 45-year-old could also be at risk. They may not make a mistake but, when the teen does make an error and causes an accident, the older driver could also suffer serious injuries. They could also lose a loved one. Their life is put in greater jeopardy because of someone else.

After your accident

Have you gotten involved in an accident caused by another driver? Maybe that driver just didn’t have enough experience to be safe. Maybe they made a critical error. If so, you need to know how to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other costs.