What are the biggest risks on the road for Kentucky drivers?
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What are the biggest risks on the road for Kentucky drivers?

| Oct 5, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents

The risks that could impact your safety while you are out driving are effectively infinite. You could potentially drive in the exact wrong spot and have a meteorite smash through the roof of your vehicle. However, the statistical risk of that happening to you is so low as to make it nonsensical to invest in meteorite protection systems for your vehicle.

When you understand what the biggest risks are on the road, you can make more informed decisions both about how you drive and about how you interact with other people on the road for your own sake. What are the biggest safety risks for drivers in Kentucky?

Mobile phone use and other forms of distraction are consistently worrying

According to an analysis of crash data by the Kentucky Farm Bureau, the top risk on the road is inattentive drivers. If you cross paths with a driver who is midway through an argument with a passenger or looking down at their phone, your risk of getting into a collision is significant.

Non-phone-related distraction is number one on the list, while mobile phone use is number eight out of 10 top causes of crashes.

Many people crash because they lose control of their vehicle

The number two cause of crashes involves a driver losing control over the vehicle. Better systems in modern cars help reduce this issue, but it remains a notable concern. The third most common cause of crashes is slippery surfaces. Traveling too fast for road conditions, which often leads to loss of control, is number nine on the list, meaning that loss of control is part of three of the top ten risks.

Failing to yield and mistakes in judgment are also major contributors

Another three of the causes of crashes in Kentucky have to do with making bad driving decisions. Not yielding to a driver with the right-of-way is the fourth most common cause of crashes. Misjudging the clearance of a space either vertically or horizontally also leads to collisions and sometimes death. Following other vehicles too closely is another concern that causes many preventable collisions.

The top 10 causes for crashes in Kentucky also include collisions with animals like deer and ignoring red lights, stop signs and other traffic signals. Driving safely with attention to these risk factors can reduce your risk of a collision.

However, you could still get into a crash caused by another driver. If that happens, you may have to take legal action against that driver.