Characteristics of rollover car and truck accidents
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Characteristics of rollover car and truck accidents

| Sep 18, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents

A significant percentage of car and truck accidents on Kentucky roads are rollovers. Road safety authorities report that these accidents typically share specific characteristics. Along with vehicle type, environment, road condition and driver behavior play roles in these accidents.

Although any vehicle can roll over, the higher centers of gravity of the taller, narrower pickup trucks, vans and SUVs make them more susceptible to rollovers if no other vehicles are involved. Four in 10 such fatalities involve excessive speed. Furthermore, almost half of the fatalities in this type of accident were linked to alcohol. Although the BAC limit is .08, any alcohol present in a driver’s blood can affect vision, judgment, and muscular coordination.

Rollovers are more likely to occur on rural roads without dividers and barriers. This is often due to the higher speed limits on these roads. The fact that nine in 10 fatal rollovers occur on straight roads or going through curves underscores the suggestion that speeding, inattention, impaired driving, distraction and other negligent driver behavior play significant roles in these accidents.

In Kentucky, car and truck accident victims could pursue financial relief if another party’s negligence caused the crash. It applies even to passengers in the vehicle of a negligent driver. An attorney with experience in fighting for motor vehicle accident victims’ rights can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings. A successfully presented case in the civil court could result in a monetary judgment to cover damages. Documented claims typically include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other financial and emotional losses.