Motorcycle accidents offer minimal protection
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Motorcycle accidents offer minimal protection

| Aug 21, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents

Motorcyclists in Kentucky and elsewhere are more vulnerable than drivers of larger vehicles when an accident occurs. The high-speed capabilities of motorcycles and their minimal frames with minimal protection make this mode of travel extremely dangerous. Bikers have no more protection than their helmets and riding gear.

Many motorcycle accidents involve inexperienced riders who are overwhelmed by the exhilaration of their rides. Controlling a bike at high speed is more difficult than when driving a vehicle. Inexperience also causes unsafe and improper lane changes. Although splitting lanes can bring them to their destinations sooner, it takes just one car to change lanes unexpectedly for the motorcyclist to crash.

Bikers must remain alert because a moment’s distraction can cause them to slam into a parked car door that opens unexpectedly. They must not lose sight of the fact that drivers of other vehicles might be distracted, and sudden stopping could cause a rear-end collision. Left turns at intersections make up a significant percentage of motorcycle accidents.

Potholes and other road hazards that are less significant for motorists could be deadly for motorcyclists. Lastly, but equally dangerous, is riding a bike while impaired. These are all typical causes for motorcycle accidents, although negligent and inconsiderate vehicle drivers can significantly increase the likelihood of crashes.

When negligent drivers cause accidents, injured victims can pursue financial relief through Kentucky’s civil justice system. The injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic and life-altering. Navigating a lawsuit is complicated, and usually best handled by an experienced personal injury attorney. A successfully presented claim might lead to monetary judgment to cover documented losses.