Slip and Fall

Premises Liability and Slip & Fall Accidents

If you have been injured by a fall on someone else’s property because of negligent or dangerous conditions that could have been prevented, you may be entitled to collect monetary damages for your injury. The area of law that applies to these types of injuries is called premises liability and is also known as a slip and fall accident. The Kentucky personal injury attorneys at Pardue Law Group are aggressive injury lawyers and have recovered substantial settlements for those who have been wrongfully injured.

Pardue Law Group can help you determine legal responsibility for your slip and fall injury.

Generally, property owners are legally responsible for injuries which occur due to a dangerous condition which the owner knew, or should have known, presented a hazard to their visitors. When the property owner fails to do either of these things and someone is injured as a result, their lack of safety precaution can be considered negligence.

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Kentucky does have a statute of limitations for slip and fall claims. This means that anyone injured in a slip and fall accident must file a claim within a certain amount of time, or they will lose their right to collect ANY damages for their injury. That is why it is so important to call a qualified Kentucky personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your injury – after you have gotten the medical attention that your injury requires, of course.

If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a property owner’s negligence, there are steps you can take to help your injury attorney file your claim more effectively.

First, report the accident and get all the information you can at the scene of the accident. This includes contact information for all witnesses, the property owner’s address, contact info, insurance material, and take photographs of the accident scene if possible. It is always important to take photographs of any visible injuries to your body so that they can be documented.

Second, seek medical attention. Make sure you receive a thorough examination and tell the doctor about your injuries caused by the accident. Even something that does not seem significant can develop into a serious medical issue in the future. Your doctor’s report should be as specific as possible, as this will likely be used by the court to assess the damages caused by the injury.

Third, immediately contact a respected Kentucky personal injury attorney at Pardue Law Group so that they can start investigating the facts of your case and explain your legal rights. We will take your case on a contingency basis and you will owe us nothing unless we win your case.