Insurance Law

Let Pardue Law Group help you with your insurance claims. The area of insurance law includes the business of insurance and how insurance claims are handled. If you have had your insurance claim denied, or believe your insurance company has practiced bad faith when handling your claim or health insurance fraud, an insurance lawyer can review your facts to help with your insurance claim.

Insurance Law was enacted to ensure that insurance companies pay claims in good faith—willingly, promptly and properly. You must start the insurance benefit process by documenting everything, including all conversations with insurance representatives. The insurance company representative will contact you to discuss your claim and they will normally tell you that they are recording the conversation “for quality control purposes.” This is their way of documenting your statements and therefore, you should take good notes as to who, when and what was discussed during each conversation. When the insurance company does not negotiate a settlement in good faith, then they can be sued for such bad faith practices. The insurance companies are bound by a covenant of good faith and fair dealing when handling their policyholders’ claims and this means that the insurance company is under an obligation to pay a legitimate claim. When an insurance company breaches this covenant, they may be held liable for acting in bad faith. You should have an experienced attorney review your facts to help gain the insurance benefits you deserve.